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Awesome! I’ve been wanting some feedback on my personal blog, so I’d be pleased to hear your opinion. :-) Please note the site is desktop and mobile friendly.

Here it is:

Thanks 🙌


Hey Florimond! I've got yours in my list! Will respond with a comment when I get it online!


May I have a try, too? I find the design very pleasing in general, but there are 2 things I'd change:

  • the search bar doesn't match the columns below; you might want to end it where the main content column ends

  • a menu with only 1 entry is not worth a menu, so just put the theme selector on the page and get rid of the hamburger menu

I'm curious what Bryan says...


Thanks! Those are two very relevant points.

I actually have private menu items which I use for the admin part of the blog, but regular users indeed see only one item. Good catch!

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