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re: Well, no, not precisely. In Python, the term "coroutine" does indeed officially refer to both. In fact, the two have their own qualified names. Wh...

Thanks for clarifying :) Actually, I wasn’t aware that native coroutine was the official name for generators used in this fashion.

I'll put a little clause or two about this in the article.

Thanks! Just to be clear, I was simply raising the concern that as async programming is becoming more and more used/popular in Python and most people talk about coroutines as a shorthand for async coroutines, using the shorthand to refer to native ones could be confusing. Anyway I think you’ve got the point so thanks for taking that into account. :)

Uh oh! I just realized I'd had a dyslexic moment, and read something in PEP 492 backwards...

What I described are simple coroutines, and the newer type is the native coroutine (also called an "asyncronous coroutine").


Naming is hard.

Anyhow, I've gone back and edited both my comment and article. Thanks again...if you hadn't asked about that, I would have never caught my error!

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