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Best resources for a beginner developer?

I’m often asked: “What is the best resource to learn programming for a beginner?”

Some of the places I recommend are:

  • FreeCodeCamp
  • Youtube videos - by searching a certain topic like: JavaScript, Python, etc... (Brad Traversy has a lot of very good Crash Courses on Youtube)
  • Udemy - same as above - search for a certain topic and you can find tons of nice courses

I believe that one of the most important things while learning programming is to practice as much as possible! Build, build, build!

Here is a list of app-ideas that I’ve put together if you need a little guidance on what to build to practice while learning! ☺️

What other resource would you recommend for beginners?

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Helen Anderson

Nice list. I'm also a big fan of Brad Traversy, he probably has the most diverse and comprehensive collection of resources out there.

For the complete beginner I also like:

  • Havard's CS50 via edX - Everyone should watch CS50s content to appreciate how computers, the internet, and programming works.  The course covers everything from low-level C to Javascript and SQL. Even if you don't complete the coursework, the video content is a valuable introduction to Computer Science.

  • General Assemblys Dash - a free, interactive introductory course that is all done in the browser.  The projects include a landing page, blog theme, and restaurant website.

  • Code Academy - Most of the content is free, easy to follow and frames each lesson on a project. The Pro version includes more projects, quizzes and online help via chat.

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Andrés Pérez

Everything awesome-x in GitHub. Whenever I try to learn a new technology, it's one of the first things I search for, here are some examples:

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Flexbox Froggy


CSS Grid Garden

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Carlos Nah

The Odin Project is another good resource for beginners, it have ton of examples and projects to work on as you go through the resources on the site.

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yeah, I frequently recommend resources to the point that I put them on github for easy sharing

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Jake Murray

Awesome list! thanks.