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Installing MongoDB on ubuntu

MongoDB Is a NoSQL (not only structured query language) database management system widely used today.

The installation is done through the command line using the following commands.

First and most importantly to ensure that all plugins are up to date type the sudo apt-get update command.

Step 1:

To begin the installation we enter the command: sudo apt-get install MongoDB this will install MongoDB on your Linux system

Alt Text

You will be prompted to grant permission to access your drive imputing "y" for yes and pressing enter will suffice.

Alt Text

Step 2:

after that type, the command: sudo service MongoDB start will start the MongoDB service.

Alt Text

Step 3:

Finally in order to verify if the MongoDB service is up and running on your system enter the following code :
sudo systemctl status MongoDB

Alt Text

verify to see that it is active and running;
There you have it, you have finally installed MongoDB on your Linux system;
you can then connect to the server and wit the mongo command start working

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