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re: This is a great read - thank you for writing it! I'm trying to choose between Gentoo and Slackware, but I find it hard to compare them. Any advice?

Picking a distribution is tricky, it's often times down to a personal preference, like choosing what to eat or what car you drive.

First off, I love the article! My experience with Linux has been similar, I started ~1996 with Slackware on floppies, and my first CD distros were the ones I ordered online through cheapbytes. I was a Slackware user for years then recently (2012-2013) switched to ArchLinux. Like the author, I preferred to customize my software setup.

Now, for your question. Slackware to me, has always felt like traditional Unix, while Gentoo is much more progressive. This is just how it "feels" to me, if I had to select one for you, I'd look at other things you prefer to get a feel of which type of user you'd be.

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