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Discussion on: Neither You nor Your Work Has to be Perfect

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Florian Rand

I tell myself: work a lot now to save time later. This expression means: dedicate enough time to study and understand the problem/task you are facing now to avoid going blindly.

Most of the time, we waste time because we don't spend enough time thinking and we jump in with the first shitty idea that cross our minds 😁🖖.

I like to pay attention to little details. Perfeccionist? Sure! But I agree! We need balance and know when some work it's good to go.

Great post! Cheers.

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Ashlee (she/her) Author

"Work a lot now to save time later." What a great thing to keep in mind. Nobody wants to do work over and over again. Let's get it right the first time!

I can't tell you how many times I've jumped too quickly on new project ideas. I probably have 3 dead Github repos right now. 😅