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Discussion on: How do you name your git branches?

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Generally I do contributor/issuenumber-briefname, e.g. fluffy/294-fix-broken-frobnicator. If it's an ad-hoc topic branch I'll leave out the issue number if I don't feel like going through the rigamarole of opening an issue first.

For release staging I do e.g. release/v0.1.9 or maybe release/v0.1.9-new-haptics if there's a specific impetus or major feature to the release. (And of course when I cut a release I tag the commit that was used to build it.)

On projects where either I'm the sole contributor or I expect other people to work in their own forks, I generally use feature instead of contributor name (e.g. feature/123-object-hierarchy or whatever) although that's more a force of habit at that point since it's not like there's any point to namespacing my branches.