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Ever since Google + made some very creepy connections for me (including trying to get me to connect with my grandpa who had died a few months before it launched), I decided Google had too much information about me and my family and decided to pull as much data as I could from their services.

For a while I ran my own CalDAV/CardDAV servers so that I could get cross-device calendar stuff, but that was a major pain in the butt. Eventually I found ownCloud which worked okay, but it kept on breaking every upgrade.

Finally I gave in and decided that iCloud was the least-evil of the cloud providers, and Apple's continued privacy commitments have made me feel like I made the right choice there.

Also, iCloud works just fine with anything that speaks CalDAV/CardDAV - including Android, if you install the appropriate connectors for it. So it's funny how the company that's seen as the most proprietary and based on vendor lock-in actually makes the best use of the most open protocols, and provides way better interop to their competitors than vice-versa.

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