re: What are some red flags to look out for in the first few weeks of a new dev job? VIEW POST

  • People talk about how great the furniture/space/building is, regardless of how well it actually fits the requirements of the job/company
  • Razor scooters in the office
  • "Play space" area in general (unless you're working at a toy company)
  • Resistance to adding/changing process to try to improve the development life cycle
  • Idolization of people on the board of directors, especially if it's based on them having been involved in a large project that happened to be successful (regardless of their personal involvement in it)
  • A big deal made about on-site facilities, especially things that encourage you to never leave
  • Being told that there's plenty of funding runway when you're interviewing, but then suddenly learning that there's actually way less money after you start
  • Being recruited by someone who seems trustworthy, only to find they weren't actually at the company (or had left by the time you started)
  • Especially if the person above "parted amicably"
  • CEO who flaunts involvement with TED/TEDx/random thinktanks
  • Constant product pivoting, and/or a failure to actually say what the product is
  • "We hope to be acquired" as part of the business plan
  • Being suggested that you "part amicably" when all the above finally becomes too much

(These are all based on one particularly weird month of my life at a startup in San Francisco...)

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