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I've noticed a few grammar issues on your LinkedIn; for example, in your summary/bio:

Working with different teams is fun and everyone should always available to cross-platform.

This sentence doesn't make sense and I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

I'd like to echo what a few others have said, in that rather than saying just what you were "responsible for," say what you did. It doesn't have to be to excruciating detail, but give some idea of what your role was in the projects you worked on.

Under "Volunteer experience" it would be a good idea to say what ROTRACT is aside from just "children."


It isn't immediately obvious that you have projects on your page. The "hamburger menu" hides all of the actual content that you probably want people to see! I'd recommend just putting those links into the header. Also cut down on the animations/transitions - they feel gimmicky rather than professional.

I'd also get rid of the highlight animation for the individual project thumbnails; it makes them seem like links, but clicking on them doesn't do anything. Either that or make it so that clicking on them takes you to a default link associated with the project.


You should curate the "popular repositories" links at the top. Right now the topmost one takes you to an empty repository, and the others feel like throwaway gists as well. Use the featured repositories feature to your advantage - highlight the specific things that you want people to look at. Or, if you don't have anything you want people to look at, don't link to your Github so prominently. Employers only really want to see your Github to see what projects you're working on and how well you work with others.


Thank you for the Github feedback. I never realized I could curate those. I Have fixed them best to my knowledge, but I guess this is a never-ending learning experience.

I also realized that even though the hamburger menu is good and shows different aspects of my JS and CSS, it is a bit complex for a recruiter. They don't have as much time and everything needs to be straight forward. So I created a new one that is just a single page but will still keep the old one if in case anyone still wants to see it.

I tried fixing most of the stuff on the description. Some of it seemed misleading or just straight up weird. I tried making them more as to what I did and how I did them without messing it up too much.

Thank you for the feedback. If it doesn't take up too much of your time, would you mind going through it again and letting me know how well I've fixed some stuff?


Your portfolio looks way better now! Although the images in the project section are broken.

GitHub looks greatly improved too, although it looks like your biography/summary is cut off. GitHub isn't really a place for that sort of expansive text anyway.

The improvements on your LinkedIn are less obvious but it does seem a lot better now. I'd still avoid saying things like "spearheaded [foo]" since that sounds like you just suggested that things happen but had no actual involvement in it; if you actually did work on that project, say what you did (like, "Implemented initial integration with MailChimp and various CRM platforms" or whatever).

Yeah, something is wrong with that section.

Thank you for the Github response. I never did realize. I think it's time I incognito and check out my profile over and over again.

I like the input on the spearheaded part. I did implement it along with a few other API's and I thought "spearheaded" sounds like I took charge with it and implemented it. But I like the idea of using the "initial" line, makes it seem I took action.

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