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Discussion on: What's the best or nerdiest prank you have ever pulled?

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In the computer science lab in college I wrote a program that would randomly eject the CD-ROM drive, then after a few minutes it would start to immediately open the drive after it closed, then after a few more minutes of that it would spam the drive with "open" commands, essentially locking it open.

I also wrote a little thing that would subtly mess with mouse motion, like it would add inertia (and would bounce off the sides of the screen like air hockey) or it would rotate the direction of travel a bit or whatever. These effects would randomly change and grow over time.

Both of these were quite easy to do since the Linux machines' security was very weak; no xauth by default (so it was trivial to attach random X clients - including keyloggers!), and the CD-ROM drives would just respond to anyone who was logged in since the permissions were set 777.