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I got my first job from an advice of a teacher. It says that there is a programmer who opens the job for a fresh graduate. back then, I was unsure about my skills and my good bet was only PHP (although i can use some framework) because i don't have enough experience about how project from a real world should be. And so, I take it.

But, three months passed and during that time, it always been part of my trauma. I don't help in coding because the programmer says I need to study more. He use EXTJS for work and yes I know my skills clearly. I really don't mind about it at first, but the problem is there's no spare time for me to study. And the salary i get was small.

I too got to work from 8 AM and my work done in uncertain time, but it always a late night. My plan to study became a mess because i chose to sleep in the time i got home. for the weekend too, it always been used to work. It was a tiring day and I don't have any energy left. that three months was full of stressful and mental pressure.

There's actually more to tell but i think it will be too long. And yeah, that is, in a nutshell of what was happened. but in the end, I resign and study myself about javascript for three months via FreeCodeCamp, landed my next job and still work until now.

sorry for a bad english


Great story, thanks for sharing. you definitely put in the sweat and got the results you wanted. Congrats!


Thank you, it's very refreshing after i tell my stories

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