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Discussion on: Windows 10 as a Linux Window Manager with WSL2

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fquinner Author

It's a window manager in the sense that Gnome is a window manager or KDE is a window manager or (my beloved and preferred) i3 is a window manager. May be technically debatable but it's a common use of the term (i3's domain name is where wm stands for "window manager", but it sits on top of X11 too).

In this instance, I'd call X11 the window server, but Windows is still the window manager for the system. Those are still Windows'... well... windows. They'll show up with alt + tab etc. and they'll appear in the toolbar. The communication with WSL is via X11 protocols though.

And it's cool - Wayland is coming which should provide more options too - this is merely a convenience script to make launching feel more native :)

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Piotr "MoroS" Mrożek

Agreed. :) I didn't want to go into too much detail and it came out a bit different than what I meant.