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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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Francis Lavoie

Here a counter unpopular opinion,

Recently, I switch my personal laptop to Windows, after running Linux for a month. Before I had an old MBP that last me for about 12 years. I did start using Linux in 1999, and since then I run all of time from time to time.

I got a new job recently and asked first to have a Linux laptop, but I changed my mind three month into the job and ask to switch back to Mac.

Here some things to consider:

First, Mac OS has a consistent key-binding across all the system. IMO, a more efficient one for programming. This is what I miss the most when I’m not on OS X.

On Linux, it's pretty inconsistent. On the terminal, you have the same emacs-like as you have on OS X. But has soon as you're in GUI mode, it's a windows-like mess. For example, each application will behave differently with ctrl+w. Sometime copy/paste is ctrl+c/v but other time shif+ctrl+c/v. On OS X, it's all the same, everywhere.

Second, if you use a lot the built-in keyboard and trackpad, a MBP trackpad is just incomparable. The precision, palm detection, two-finger navigation is horrible and frustrating. You have different options to configure it, but even after spending many days trying to get it working, there was always something short. If you plan to use mostly a mouse, this point is not valid.

There are other small issues I experience at home as well as with my work setup. Shorter battery life, broken suspend/sleep mode, screen recording quality issue, dual monitor + screensharing, update that broke working stuff (yes still in 2020, like sound, recording, resolution), no resume session.

Nevertheless, if you never run Linux as your main OS, I’ll encourage you to do so. You will learn much, and you will be more at ease later when you deploy on Linux and work with docker, from OS X.

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for your input. I don't plan to run Linux as my main OS unless I really enjoy it. I will play with different distros in a VM and see if I really like one. If I really like Linux, I would dual boot with macOS (macOS costs $$$, got to save it).