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Discussion on: Coronavirus 🦠, quarantines 🛑 and remote working 💻

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Frank Szendzielarz • Edited

I think we are on the same page perfectly, yes. It depends really who the key decision makers are. Unfortunately in many companies it is those with less real usefulness or value who try to justify their position through constant meetings and chat. A new work ethos based on highly focused and targeted development that minimises communications in favour of communication quality would most likely result in people losing their jobs, and often it's those same people who shape the workplace, regretfully.

On Italian delicacies, absolutely! One of the great advantages of working at home is that I get to cook proper risottos, or Salsicce fatte a mano con salsa pepolata whenever I want :-) Strangely, it was Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio who inspired me to quit corporate life and go looking for tradition, history, culture and a life in the country....

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Nicolò Rebughini Author

I think we'll have to wait and see what happens about this mindset, hoping it spreads quickly.

Aw, those are new names for me, thanks for bringing them up, I'll look into them. Luckily I'm not unfamiliar with those dishes 😋