Discussion on: Are CSS and HTML programming languages?

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NO, HTML AND CSS ARE NOT REAL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. Just because somebody can use a text editor to code "Hello World," doesn't make the code a "programming" language. HTML/CSS are mostly used for displaying and formatting web pages much like a word processor controls paragraphs and fonts.

The colloquial use of these words implies they are programming languages; but neither is used for "real" programming like that of RPG or SQL that actually does something besides display text and pictures on a web page.

Just because you used a text editor to code something that uses syntax rules does not make the code a "programming" language. Just call it code.

HTML is mostly being used to display and format the results.
CSS is imbedded in the HTML and is only used for final styling.

For the last few decades the millennials have showed up with HTML and CSS and got everybody to call them "Software Engineers" (for crisake.) Before the internet the only tag oriented coding was in word processors to control fonts and paragraphs and then it got pushed over into the browser area to display stuff on web pages.

Comparing RPG/SQL to HTML/CSS is like comparing a professional filmmaker with a millennial that shows up with his iphone and says he's the new "photographer."

By this logic then everybody who can use a text editor and code "Hello World," is a Software Engineer! It's a semantic argument that will upset low level coders.

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Abe Dolinger

I don't really see any core to this. Do they not have syntax? Do they not require study to use well? New CSS has built-in variables, and can pass them back and forth to JS for processing.

Yes, someone who codes Hello World has started down the road to being a programmer. No one would pay them yet, but that's where the journey begins. Did you birth fully formed applications from a crevice in your forehead, like the mighty Zeus? Or start with something humbler?

They are languages, with syntax, used to build applications. What would you call that? Are low-level engineers so fragile that this notion would ruin them?