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A few people missing from this are Tobias and Chuck. These two were... irreplaceably smart. Not sure if Rob Eisenberg belongs on this list, too. But... if we're going as far back as Jeff and Victor leaving... it seems like that may be appropriate. Also, I think it is valid to say that we lost Jules. Even though we got her back, she did leave once. I think it is better that she is here. But... she did leave.

I feel that there are more too, though.

Kara is leaving for a well deserved promotion on another team at Google. Brad also left for a great opportunity. When Jules left, it seemed that it was also for a good move. Those are good moves.

Too many of those on your list, though, corroborate the same stories of manipulation, control, and abuse. Once more than one person says something, I tend to start listening. Once it's up to over half a dozen... if you don't listen you're choosing to enable the abuse.


You know I love you Frosty :). But I know from personal conversations with some people you mentioned, their reasons for leaving aren't necessarily as positive as they seem. I don't want to speak on their behalf, so I'll leave it at that.

But your point is valid, some people have left the team because they were just presented with better opportunities, not to escape. I think it's a minority though.

When I left the Angular team, it looked positive because Victor and I were starting a company! It ended up being great, and I talked openly/publicly about all the good reasons to start Nrwl, but I didn't speak publicly for another few years about what really pushed me away from the team. You and I were friends back then (and still are), so you knew exactly what I was going through, but most people only saw the happy story.

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