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Startups in general tend to grow and scale pretty fast. When the business has a pretty great market niche, everything is even faster. All of this growth entails showcasing products, pitching the business ideas to potential investors and even making live demos.

Fast growth is great and as startups we should embrace that. However, sometimes it is ok to slow down. It is ok to say: "We won't be merging new code this weekend". It could be because we're pitching the product to investors or because we're gonna be doing maintenance to the servers or because of any other reason. It should be fine to slow down when it's needed.

Teams usually set a period of time in which all code changes are frozen or blocked (This is what we call "code freeze"). There is not a formal or standard way to do this. It's done via email or via Slack.

This seems to work just fine, right? Well, sometimes it is hard to tell, if the code freeze is still on or whether X or Y project falls into that period of time, or even worse, there's not an actual way to prevent someone from merging code. Some teams disable automatic deploys, which is not so ideal, it requires the appropriate people to be available when it is time to enable them back.

Great communication across the teams is very important and enforcing certain rules is even more.

This is what Frozonic is here to help you with. Not only to keep code freezes well communicated across teams and projects but also to enforce nothing is actually merged during code freezes.

You can prevent pull requests from being merged into master if the code freeze check is required for merging. You can easily configure all this periods of time from the Frozonic dashboard.

You won't have to be dealing with permissions and access control since it is all figured out. We map user's access level from Github. So that you don't have to take that extra step of setting everything up once again.

We encourage you to try Frozonic and let us know what you think. Join our beta today. If you liked it tweet about it: @FrozonicApp

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