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Discussion on: Coronavirus 🦠, quarantines 🛑 and remote working 💻

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Hey Nicolò! First of all, I hope everything is gonna be back to normal as soon as possible in your zone! Well, nice considerations, but I'm wondering: if would be possible for you to do full time remote working (in a normal situation without this emergency), will you accept it? I'm asking you this because in my case, even if I could be a full time remote worker, I still prefer to visit the office at least 1 day per week mainly to organise the tasks for the week. My ideal work location would be a "hybrid" between remote and office. What do you think?

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Nicolò Rebughini Author

Hey Francesco, I hope everything will be again normal as fast as possible. I would have to adjust for sure, and will need to also adjust my "home office" for constant work. I'm a promoter for remote working, but I guess I'd miss some camaraderie that comes from the office setup and probably a remote office cannot replicate (I'd be glad to be contradicted). I'd put my preferences on a spectrum of 80% for remote time and 20% for office time.