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Discussion on: Realtime Chat app using Kafka, SpringBoot, ReactJS, and WebSockets

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Fuji • Edited on

Just loved it.. though as a beginner at first I got lost in websocket part and workflow but later after reading some other articles it seems clear now and did it with Websocket + STOMP and Front-End(easy html+css+js).
Can you plz suggest me where should I look into after this start for building enterprise chat application with Spring+Kafka where I have to handle several Group and One-to-One messages of many users..?
Question :
Here the chatting is happening using only websocket connection :
springClientUI --websocket-- SpringBootServer --websocket-- springClientUI
I understand that the springClientUI also receives from kafka server but the sending of message is not going to kafka server.. isn't it? So if I wanna full chat using kafka message broker only, then can I do this :
springClientUI --websocket-- <--springBootServer--> (Kafka server - Topic) <--springBootServer--> --websocket-- springClientUI
by just implementing "/sendMessage" to send messages to Kafka server Topic that both are subscribed ? I am lost in here :'(
Plz help...!! and Thanx in advance <3

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