re: DEV is Amazing for me, it changed my entire career VIEW POST

re: Yes! Dev, is probably one of the most 'positive' social networks out there. I haven't seen any 'bad' comments here, at all! Maybe, it's because n...

Its because we're all developers - we know how super hard it can be sometimes :)

There are no stupid questions or ideas!


Yeah! Developers will help each other!

Dev.to Is a great place to be!

It's easy to grow on too

I got featured on feed today! I checked incognito and I was there with everyone else!

Incognito one!😂 I can connect to this, I also checked 4 or 5 times when I was on the Homepage

XD same I Thought when I wasn't on incognito it just shows cuz I made it but when I check incognito That Wasn't true!

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