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re: Nah, I use Xed rn, which is derived from gedit iirc. Can't blame me for liking to keep it sleek.

I know someone who worked in the old days of computers and had to use assembly in the 70s and 80s and he made me SCARED of it.

Tbh all the mysticism surrounding it and fearful tales whispered whilst hiding under the covers really aren't worth all that much. My opinion on the matter MIGHT be colored by the fact that I learned C as my first language on ATMEGAs, though.

I suppose it depends on how you make sense of programming. This whole time I've understood it from the concrete -- the processor doing things (even before I understood assembly). Someone else might view it from a more abstract angle, fully embracing the idea that the processor is a black box that just does whatever math you plug into it. I can see how with that sort of lens assembly becomes scary. It's just you and a big ol' processor locked in a room, no high level anything to help you make sense of it or keep yourself organized.

I get that, I have almost no knowledge of the CPU or the deep working of a computer I think I will look in to it though.

That's fair. I've very much noticed I'm a rarity in the world of programming. While others excel with tools which free them from the tyranny of the metal, I seem to be able to make better sense of what I'm doing the deeper I go. Working this deep doesn't come without its pains, though.

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