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Discussion on: 5 Effective tips for maintaining code written by someone else

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So embedded programmers typically work on writing software for hardware platforms such as microcontrollers using low-level languages like C. You may have heard the term "Firmware" which is used to describe software that runs at a low-level. For example, the software running on your mouse, alarm clock, router, smart plug, electronics in your car, would all be called "Firmware".

Embedded programmers are distinct from traditional software developers because of the low-level nature of the application. This comes with a set of challenges compared to higher-level software.
If you're concerned about the underlying hardware and overcoming factors such as memory constraints, performance, power consumption, then this is Embedded programming.

If you want to learn more you can check out this post I wrote on my blog that introduces Embedded programming. In the future I also plan on writing posts here on dev on this topic. Feel free to ask any more questions if you have any!

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Neat! I also never knew that something like MISRA existed, that's really interesting. Thanks for sharing!