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Discussion on: Quick Guide to Call, Apply, Bind in JavaScript

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Functional Javascript

Great explanation Annie.

As functional-programming-centric developer myself, I don't use these types of constructs.
I use a subset of the language to achieve all the goals that need to get accomplished, as performantly, robust, readable, and changeable as possible.

For example, ideally, I don't use...
"this" keyword
"function" keyword
"class" keyword
"extends" keyword (inheritance)
interface classes
abstract classes
getters and setters
virtual methods
optional parameters
asynchronous callbacks
let (unless it's a value type that I will explicitly reassign)
implicit casts
implicit type checks
implicit null/undefined checks
single quotes
"require" keyword
polymorphic functions

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Annie Liao Author

Oh wow, thanks for listing all the constructs (helpers?) that can potentially create more headaches down the road. Indeed, I do recall running into issues with async callbacks. I also prefer using functional components in React.

While I'm still not experienced enough to choose between object-oriented and functional programming, your comment motivates me to reach that level soon :)