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re: I switched to Shaarli this past year. Installation was a piece of cake, I threw it in a subfolder on my personal Wordpress site. There is a Chrome...

The true dev approach to bookmarking πŸ‘ thanks for sharing, I’ll dive into that


I was also using shaarli for the better part of a year. I've never found a good solution since del.icio.us fell away back in the day. Someone brought back the idea that was original del.icio.us it's now known as Pinboard. Highly recommended. If that's not your deal the bookmarking abilities of Notion are pretty profound, reminds me of old school Evernote before feature-creep almost killed the company. Good luck in your search!

Edit: just saw your responses about notion and that makes me suggest to you Pinboard even more.

They've chosen a very original target market - "social bookmarks for introverts") But anyway, it looks interesting and distraction-free. I'll play with this service, thanks a lot πŸ‘

I did a Pinboard with a11y dev articles and best practice, I'm sure the target market of pinterest, will never use my board but I made it for me first, to have a place to find the articles in one go insted of the bookmarks that I also have (with the same links); then if someone want to use it is ok for me, I agreed that normaly noone will go and search pinterest for a11y articles or links, however my intend it was to find other solution for bookmarks. And it work for my personal preferences.

I keep my mind and ears open for more sutible solution if anyone has it let me know. πŸ€“

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