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re: I'm not familiar with the MacBook Air but until recently I was developing on a MacBook Pro 2011. The main issue was memory. It was upgraded from 4 ...

Thanks for your detailed reply, Sylvie!

I see that even older MacBooks Pro work much better than Airs. I cannot upgrade the memory (it's not possible for Air, only for Pro). CPU is not a problem too, only memory, as I noticed observing the Activity Monitor. I'm very modest in using the resources, but when I need to run a couple of npm processes simultaneously or build native mobile apps with Android Studio and XCode, I get close to psychological breakdown.

What is your experience in similar situations? Do Pro and 8 Gb work well for you in such cases?


Sorry I can't be much help. I tend to run npm processes sequentially and it's been years since I last used XCode. As far as I can tell XCode is a lot worse than VSCode in terms of RAM requirements.

Exactly. Thinking about delegating all the Xcode stuff to iMac

It would probably make your life easier.

Concerning multiple npm processes, after a good night's sleep I remembered that I used to run a (small) MongoDB database, an Express server and a React client concurrently without problems.

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