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Guys, you forget the context: author mentions BIG projects, and I'm pretty sure that's the main reason of performance lags. And that's the reason for developers who work mostly with smaller or mid-size projects to avoid upgrading their machines. There's just no need for that in most cases, except for that big project.
I have a similar problem I describe here, and I believe such cases may have place. Sublime Text is a great helper. Vim is even better, but it's for marginal persons 😁
Of course, you better have one decent machine which you can always rely on. But laptops which you use on-the-go mostly can be light (in all meanings).

And by the way, I hate holy wars, but VS Code is awful in performance, I had tested it in comparison with Webstorm on two Mac machines (performant and week), and Webstorm does his web development job eating much less resources and producing much higher value ☝️

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