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I think whiteboard interviews is too much old for 2018.
Today we have so many ways to know the level of knwoledge of a candidate, with a simple test or pair programming already know the level.
The best experience i had in interviews was when the interviewer send me a test and when i finished he call me and ask how and why I come to that result, he tried to understand my logic and how difficult/ease it was for him to understand

  • no pressure
  • no fear
  • just code and a good conversation (like us in a day job) 🙂

The tips I have is:

  • aways remember, the interviewers DON'T know development, with lucky they know what is a if() or for() 😂, so trie to communicate, talk about what you want to do, sometimes they understand everything only reading the variables and some explanation.
  • Make all the questions you need to resolve the problem, they have the answers you need to get in the result.
  • You don't need to trainnig aways, but only if you want to switch the job, in this case I suggest you training one of this coding challenge websites (HackerRank, TopCoder...)

Hello Gabriel, wonderful comment, thanks! Couldn't agree more!

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