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Discussion on: What programming languages should you learn?

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Gad Iradufasha

This post is useful for beginners, But additionally, We should choose a language according to the project type and Preferences!

I think it's a must to know Html and CSS for Front-End developer.
And JavaScript should be picked as The third course for completeness!

As a backend languages, I would recommend learning RubyOnRails or Node.js.

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Maximilian Burszley • Edited

You should pick a language based on needs. If your team only knows .NET, you're going to be using C# (and likely mssql). If you want everything to be a single language, you're picking NodeJS. etc. We (web devs) don't get into cases of performance very often anymore unless you're in Alexa top 500 or something.

RE: Ruby. I don't know where the use/recommendation of this lang/framework come from, but I have never seen a job for it.