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Discussion on: Where should I host a "Web App"

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Gabriel Ramirez

Is it a vue/react/angular web app?

If it's that way, then Yes!.
You need to build the project(each one have its own way) and add the output folder in the env and that upload it as static files. It's a bit complex for a comment, but you can search as "deployment" and the name of the framework. to see some documentation.
Ex. "Vue deployment"

Now, if it's more complex, such as node, mongodb, etc. You need a diferent service(such as Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS, Firebase)

I would recommend Digital Ocean App Platform ( ), if it's static(such as react, vue, others) you can launch it for free. And if it's node and similars, it cost about 5 dollars per month and it's very customizable.