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Discussion on: Things I Can't Build: Podcasting on ActivityPub

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As an avid proponent of RSS, Podcasts and decentralisation, I think this is something quite important to be talking about.

This is something I would legitimately be interested in donating my time to if the right solution was found.

With regard to audio and the ActivityPub protocol, Have you heard of FunkWhale? It's essentially an ActivityPud Spotify clone. There's an open issue to support Podcasting:

It also looks like Funk Whale supports the Subsonic API. I've never heard of this before, but there are apparently a few clients out there already that can consume it:

It definitely appears that RSS is dying, there needs to be an alternative ready; the answer can't be to hand over these fantastic tools to centralisation imo.

Unfortunately I think this is the biggest barrier to entry; people like to have one place to go for their needs. If you can pay a neat monthly fee (or nothing) and get everything you want in one place, competition is already fighting an uphill battle.

I don't know how you fight this, though I think the sell needs to be something along the lines of emphasising that you're not consuming what a computer algorithm thinks you're going to be interested in, but rather you are being your own content filter. If you can make it apparent that these big monetised systems are limiting the scope of what you're exposed to/able to see then I think you might be able to get some people to pay attention. I think some people will understand that the internet has changed... That it's become harder to find something truly interesting. If you can show people that centralisation is powering this race to the middle they might start trying new things.

Just a few thoughts really - interested to know your take.