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Discussion on: Simple Util to Pull Code From IBM i

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Gajender Tyagi

Nice! I absolutely loved what you did there.
I tried similar thing just with nodejs. What i was doing instead of a repo.json, I fetched all the source-pf and members name from the library (response was list in json format). Then i traversed through the json to fetch source, that way i dont have to write myself what to fetch.
One issue which I faced was with conversion of data from EBCDIC to ASCII, which i was not able to do in ssh fetch command.
What you have used is an IBMi FTP command RETR so i guess it doesn't need any conversion paramters.

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Barrett Otte Author

Thanks! One day I hope to get around to finishing rewriting my new version of this util.

Unfortunately, this also has that darn EBCDIC to ASCII conversion problem. My new util uses an SFTP module, which allows you to specify encoding. In my case I started using IBM037

Thanks for commenting, good to see some other IBMi folks on here!