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Discussion on: 5 Benefits of Working Remotely from a First Time Remote Worker

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Gayan Hewa

Good, write up. I have done full-time remote work for a few years. I still like working remotely for some of the reasons you mention. So end up working remotely at least twice a week. Although the biggest problem I faced during my time with full-time remote work was the isolation. And lack of real interactions. At one time, I was so cut off from social event's I would just avoid going out with friends. And fortunately my situation changed and I had to change my work style. I think co-working spaces tackle most of the social interaction problems and isolation issues if you decide to move into full-time remote work but use a co-working space a few days a week off once every few weeks.

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Arth Limchiu Author

Yes, a change of environment from time to time could help you cope up with the isolation.