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I like working with Go lang, for most of the stuff you have mentioned.

  • Use of nil
    Coming from a background in PHP, I have dealt with code where null is misused immensely. So with go, I know that usage is limited. And I always have to depend on the default values for each type.

  • GoDoc has a simplified structure.
    And it's not overly bloated. I only have to document stuff that is public from a package.

  • Centralized
    This is no longer the case since we are moving away from GOPATH

  • Dependency management
    node_modules is one of the worst things I have worked with, I still work with node / Typescript for work. I still don't like it. With go, I used to use dep but since deprecating GOPATH, I have moved all my projects to use go mod

It's a given that some of these things might not appeal to everyone. I guess it's going to be a common thing, based on the experience we have with different programming language ecosystems. One major thing I prefer Go is due to the standard library.

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