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Babafemi Sorinolu on August 22, 2018

Hello, I am happy to have stumbled on this website when I came across a post that taught me how to expose my localhost host to the internet for r... [Read Full]
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The fact that you stopped to think is already an indication that there was something fishy there :-)

Does the app ask permission to access all that data? Is there a reason for the collecting? I can't think of a reason for an app that registers biometrics to collect the contact list or the messages unless the user is notified about it and it makes sense in the context of a function.

Long story short: hell no :D


By default, Android will always ask the user to allow/deny permission to read contacts or SMS (which I am sure many guys will just click the accept button).

But I am definitely sure if they knew what was going to happen after they allow such permission, such users won't dare accept it

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