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re: Well, as someone who's only familiar with Angular, I can say that I find these comparisons interesting and useful. But for folks like you, there'...

I agree: they're useful, I made one myself, but I wouldn't use counting characters as a metric for comparison. There's so much more in an application than components, which in my opinion are the "easy" part. The real world app you link is hardly one: I'm talking enterprise, resilient, rock-solid stuff. Probably not something you can find in the open, I admit.

I think your point is valid, but not all the apps are enterprise or super complex. And, for those kind of apps it's helpful to see this kind of comparisons. Btw, I love Angular and I'm using it on most of my projects.

As I said on previous posts, I'm just starting with Svelte and Sapper. Maybe in the feature I'll be comparing more complex stuff, but this series are all about components.

They are probably the easy part, but they are also a big part of the code we write every date.

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