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Discussion on: Stick to What You're Good At, Not What's Cool

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Gustavo Castillo

Hello Joe great article!, I believe we should specialice in a particular set of skills/roles let's say frontend, backend, DevOps and so on, but one thing that I'm putting on practice is trying new things from time to time. Currently I'm focusing my career in Frontend related stuff, but some times I code in Go just for the sake of curiosity, in my opinion there is a thin line between be an expert and do what You're Good At and try to learn any new hype technology.

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Pan Chasinga Author

Thanks for the comment, Gustavo! This has nothing to do with not learning new things.

What Cross said, "You do what you are." are contrary to the well-known "You are what you do." If you stop learning you'd surely become the latter. Even Picasso learned and changed his style. People grow up, learn new things, and waste some old things. Point is you do and learn whatever you are comfortable and happy doing, not what the TIOBE or the poll says.