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re: Hello Geoff, I'm looking to buy same keyboard and keycaps (Leopold fc750r / enjoypbt 9009) and came across your post. (My first mechanical keyboard...

Hey Joost!

I have not had a single problem with keycaps fitting on my Leopold, or really any other problem; I love that board to death and recommend it to anybody.

It's a fantastic board to start out with, and frankly I have little desire to adventure out to other layouts or styles because it is such a quality piece. It's not super customizable, but it's on par with most other TKL boards.

EnjoyPBT9009 specifically, I really enjoy the set. (I'm typing on my POK3R with that set on it now!) The quality is good for the price, and specifically when I had it on my Leopold, the keys had a certain pleasant "bounce" to them.

Thx Geoff, that sounds really good, I'm going to hunt down the two-tone white Leopold, it seems to be out of stock at the moment (in Europe at least - I live in The Netherlands). I can wait if it is for something as nice as this keyboard! I have just now received the blue/grey version, but returning it because I find it much too dark. But it is a thing of beauty, and so solid.

Edit: Geoff, can I ask you one more question... I really like those windowed caps lock keys. Do you know: does the one from EnjoyPBT work with the leopold led?

Unfortunately, I believe those windowed caps do not fit due to the type of position the Leopold's Caps Lock uses. (otherwise, I'd have mine on too!)

That surprises me. So the windowed keycap has different shape than the non-windowed keycap?
Good to know. On pictures it looks the same, just with a led window.

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