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Discussion on: There's no such thing as a full stack developer

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George Lampadaridis

Well this feels like a rant?
Of course there exist full stack developers. When you talk to the client, set up the server is, write, test and set up the application and web server, write the client code and fulfill all the clients requirements, sure you are. And you will be surprised by how many exist as well.
Especially in small teams of 1-5 people there will surely be one person proficient in every aspect of the project.
In my case I write the backend and frontend code, mobile apps, set up the servers in the most efficient ways and talk to the clients for requirements and pricing. Sure the team has two more Devs but they do specialized tasks. The project wouldn't be complete without a full stack dev though. for that to happen I would need 4 more people. Then my prices would skyrocket and the app wouldn't even be better...