re: Are Anti App Addiction Policies/Laws the next big discussion in tech? VIEW POST

re: I agree and know that Time Cap is not a long term solution and that's why we are having this discussion. ๐Ÿ˜Š So that we can find other effective ways...

The question is, can you create a successful user centric product without it being addicting?

The only โ€œnon addictingโ€ apps on my phone are those which provide a service (banking, setting, camera, etc). Everything else is only there because it has a value to me in one way or another. Most of which is entertainment/procrastination.

Exactly, That's one should aim for. But as you said it hard as hell.

if there is any legislation regarding app addiction etc, it will have to be softly worded, there is not quantifiable measure for it.

Soft words and no quantifiable measures is a recipe for terrible laws. Law is a sledgehammer and will be used as such.

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