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re: So Google has two very similar roles, DPE "Developer Programs Engineer" (which I am) and DA "Developer Advocate". Both roles exist within Developer...

I feel that the largest issue with PWA's is the lack of public knowledge.

On Android users are hit with a popup, something they are trained to ignore. Then if every site pressured you to download its PWA then users will stop caring.

On iOS users are given no hint that it exists without prompt from the site. Apple seem keen to bury them.

I feel the solution would be to allow PWA's onto app stores and have more seamless transitions between the 'APP' and the web

So something you should look at is the onbeforeinstallprompt event. It lets you capture the 'popup' and display it again somewhere in your UI. Controlling this display is a better experience, because you can show it only to your engaged users, in a part of the UI that they'll expect.

Trusted Web Activities are also a way, on Android, to get your PWAs on the Play Store.

TIL! Ill take a proper look at all this.

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