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In 99% of the projects using Gulp I've seen, Gulp is doing the job Webpack would do. Maybe Gulp wasn't designed to this (I kind of disagree with that though), but that's been my experience.

Webpack does bundle JS out of the box, but ultimately you'll need loaders and plugins if you want to customize. Similarly, you'll need plugins for Gulp.

In the end, these tools with become host environments for plugins. Which one seems the most logical and well designed is the question I ask myself.

Gulp architecture is like a single conduit, though which data flows through — passing through plugins which transform it. SCSS flows into the Gulp pipeline and out comes CSS.

Webpack's data flow is a little different. There is an entry and bundle file, but plugins are needed too for side effects. For example to output a CSS file, you import the CSS into JS via , then a plugin pulls it out as a string and writes it to a file.

Another thing to consider is the docs — which is most informative and well written, giving examples and use cases.

This is highly subjective, but to my eyes Gulp has a logical design that is almost beautiful whereas Webpacks design seems more confused. That said, Webpack is very popular!

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