How I leveraged JAMstack to cut down costs for a nonprofit

Georgina Grey on January 19, 2019

Hi! Last year I was hired to build out a website for a nonprofit feminist collective. I chose GatsbyJS+Netlify to drastically cut down co... [Read Full]
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As an alternative to the paid backend services you mentioned (cloudinary and firebase), did you look at google appengine's free tier? Its pretty good from what I've heard and supports multiple languages including python, php, java and JS.

BTW, a nice article and gr8 website 👍


The site looks amazing! Many a great project idea has withered on the vine because of the hosting costs, and you can't beat the scalability and performance of JAMstack!


Hi Joe, thank you! Yes! Scalability is one major issue when dealing with monolithic platforms.

Even many small businesses struggle with this, they hire a developer to use a site builder and customize a theme, but when is time to scale, it can be tough sometimes.


Hi Jon! There was little training involved actually, it was funny because they knew WP editor and liked Netlify's better 🤷 for example they loved the editor workflow feature, and I just had to add one line of code to enable it, other than that, the only main difference is how changes are published (the site has to build and it takes a few minutes, though is already in Gatsby's roadmap for improvement) but that is definitely not a problem for them.


Great article! I've bookmarked it so I can reference it later. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Glad you find it helpful Mandi :)

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