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Discussion on: How I set my Linux computer for coding

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I suggest you read the article I linked to, which links to descriptions of how/where to install it - quite without having "to compile it". I did that myself just before posting my comment - to ensure I wasn't suggesting something too difficult. Go look again and you'll see it is also "just a .deb that you can open on your pc".

And, the source you are currently suggesting definitely is a closed source edition.

Given the wide currency of the "VSCode" name I'd accept that as a valid enough reason for not confusing newer users with license technicalities. Almost none of us run our programs on Open Hardware CPUs so pragmatism wins over purity with this kind of thing.

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David Mendoza (He/Him) Author

Oh damn you are right, the first time I tried it I had to compiled it but that's great, I hope people see this comment and give it a tried.