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Excellent post.

Where can I start? I know there are several testing tools, Mocha, Jasmine, Karma. What do you recommend?



Hey! Thank you for your comment :)

I think there's 2 sides to this. First and most importantly I would devote some time into researching what and how to test your code. This is important and won't change much with tech stacks.

On the other hand, there's how to test with your current stack. I read it's C# and Angular. Maybe the best is to start by covering your backend logic, which should be more stable I guess. Look for a tutorial about unit testing in C# (of which I know very little) just follow it and then try to adapt it to your own needs. The tutorial should give you some idea of what and how you should test too. Start by the most critical areas of your app and move into more secondary features/code.

I hope that helps. Sorry I can't give more specific advice. Happy testing!!!


If you're working with Node.js, I use Jest in my tests and it's pretty wonderful to use. I highly recommend giving it a shot 😊

P.S. Here's the Getting Started guide I followed when I first gave Jest a shot.


Jajaja I forgot to explain what language I use. Currently I'm working with C # for the backend and Angular for the front.

I've honestly never worked with either of those so I'm not too sure what your best option would be 😅

Hopefully, someone else can chime in shortly with some help though.

Thanks for the clarification, maybe you can edit your post to get this info straight at the first glance? :)

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