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Starting with #9 on a “10 things…” list? I see what you did there ☺

This is an awesome list. The only thing i find confusing is your shell prompt. I guess itʼs really useful (in colour, i assume?) but seeing it here in white on black, especially that x in place of good olʼ $ is really confusing (even though i completely understand you got rid of the dollar sign; i did, too).


I started the list at #9 because developers have only nine fingers ;)

I first created the "terminal-feel" (with color) on my original blog post, and it looked awesome! I was sorry I wasn't able to copy the design to here, but I didn't want to use images instead of code and lose the "copy-paste" functionality...

I agree about changing the x to $, it makes more sense in black & white - so I update the terminals. Thank you for helping me make this post better! :)

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