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If you are doing a company project, I don't assume you would have many choices. If it is a personal/side project I would recommend not going cloud unless you use something so easy and seamless to get started like Google Cloud Run (your app will need to be dockerized). Another quick getting started would be to do a personal account on Vercel (formerly Zeit). If you get some traction and users then think of scaling up to a cloud.


This has been my struggle. Being newer, I know larger cloud infrastructure well enough. But getting personal projects off the ground effectively has been difficult. I definitely need to get familiar with Vercel or Google cloud run.


You could try Elastic Beanstalk or AWS Amplify. They have a lot of recipes, and some that allow you to "just upload your code" and they do the rest.

From my experience, Amplify is great for UIs in general, but the GraphQL section has made me miserable more than once. And Beanstalk feels like CloudFormation "lite" for webapps. I do appreciate that Beanstalk leaves its architecture out in the open for you, but I've never found it to be much of a time saver.

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