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Discussion on: Logging done right, makes your life bright!

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I would recommend a different sort of logging level:

Debug - Any info a developer might ever want. This should be as verbose as possible and only be enabled when debugging (duh).
Info - Information you generally want, but don't need for everyday business. Start/Stop of services, certain events happening, etc.
Warning - Warnings are reserved for potential error sources. For instance, when a config file was not found and the default is assumed instead, or when a primary data source is not available and a secondary is used instead.
Error - Errors are for when a process fails irrecoverably, but the application as a whole remains stable. For instance, when a program tries to save a file, but write permission was denied.
Fatal - These logs indicate that tje program encountered an error from which it cannot recover. Include as much information as possible here.

I know this is quite similar to what the original post suggested, but distinguishing between fatal and non-fatal errors is very important.