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Discussion on: Illusion of differences between Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Web Frameworks

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I think Rust is going there, is safe, low level and also very high level abstractions with zero cost, I'm just starting to learn moving a pet project from Django (Python) to Actix-web + Diesel (Rust) is not really much more verbose and the fact that you can do low level (sometimes I work with micro controllers) and with the same language do web backend and soon even frontend with WASM makes me happy. I have to admit I'm very lazy learning languages, the time it takes me to get from zero to somewhat productive feels wasted to me (I freelance so my CV doesn't concern me much) that was what attracted me to Python (you can do almost anything with it) and now with Rust not only filling the gaps but also taking over some makes me really happy. So far I love everything about Rust is not yet very mature but is growing fast, I try to not sound like a fanboy but is hard :|

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Lauri Ojansivu Author • Edited

Everyone is fanboy of what he/she has built, it's the IKEA effect.

I'm still at the very beginning of Wekan Actix version.