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Discussion on: Everyone should get a Raspberry Pi!!

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I vouch for pi-hole, although I have it installed in a Beaglebone Black (it's like a RPi 1) I've used it for years. Besides being an ad-blocker, it can act as an intermediary DNS server, it has great log and monitoring capabilities, all in a nice web interface; you can blacklist entire sites, nothing containing "facebook" goes into my network :) and unloads a lot of the overhead of local blockers/filters and does all for your whole network so: phones, tablets, etc. are immediately covered.

I haven't tried it for that but I bet is good too for parental control. And all this is, in my case, with a much slower HW than the available now.

A nice note is that RPi comes with a bunch of GPIO available, so you could add other functionalities involving physical devices like: LEDs, sirens, motors, etc. Besides the fact that is actually a computer so feel free to attach keyboards, mouse, screen, etc.

And is Open Source, which for me is a must for this kind of application.

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Sudarshan Kadam Author

Great points. I love pi-hole because it has actually saved me from my own stupidity many times. One time I was bored and browsing random stuff, ended up on a random sketchy website. But then pi-hole simply refused to serve the links I clicked. I hadn't realized that the links I originally clicked (and opened in a background tab) were redirected to somewhere even more fishy. If it wasn't for pi-hole stepping in, I am pretty sure I would have not noticed until it was too late.